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H.B. Kay

Welcome to H.B. Kay Log!

Frequent visitors of  halkay.com may notice the radical change that has just taken place. After allowing it to hibernate for several years, I have decided to revive this site.

In the past, I would update it depending on whether  I went on a long vacation, or there was a national disaster that I wanted to memorialize.Sadly, there were more disasters than long vacations. What was a middle of the road, standard website layout in 2005 is no longer acceptable. It’s time to shake up the status quo!Plus, it took me all this time to figure out what the heck I want to do.
I’m going to start posting about those things that are interesting to me on a professional basis.  I’m re-posting a number of short papers I had to write in graduate school – it’s a good place to start and helped get me warmed up. So let’s get started!

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